"An Awesome Journey"

Is a poignant love story 

Is a challenging mystery 

 Will make you laugh out loud

Will make you cry

Will give you a view of 
the biggest challenges 
of living in the future 

  Will make you feel joy


"An Awesome Journey" by David Pizer is an ambitious book, and I hope this thought-provoking book sells tremendous numbers of copies. It seeks to incorporate philosophy, religion, and cryonics into a fiction story narrative and at the same time to be a fun and compelling read. In my mind, Pizer has done this. The book genuinely does have some laugh out loud moments. And the story of our protagonist Ralph building his car sales career, and especially the story of his courtship with our sexy love interest Becky, has genuine poignant and memorable scenes that engage you emotionally.


If you care about reality, if you have ever argued or discussed a point of religion with anyone, I think you will find much to love about this book. It has some erotic and sexy parts I enjoyed as well. Pizer is clearly attempting to bring more traditionally thinking religious people to consider cryonics, and this is a vital mission. I am honored to highly recommend "An Awesome Journey," and I believe this book will enhance YOUR "Awesome Journey!"

~~Review by Rudi Hoffman, Author of  
"The Affordable Immortal: Maybe You CAN Beat Death and Taxes"    

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