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FIVE–STAR REVIEW (highest possible) from highly respected Readers' Favorite (review and awards contest): 


Reviewed By Tammy Ruggles for Readers’ Favorite, An Awesome Journey by David Pizer is a science fiction romance novel about eternal love. 


The novel opens in the1950s in Phoenix, Arizona, where the main character Ralph is a girl-watching teenager. We get an introduction to Honest John and the business of car dealerships, and Ralph witnesses an incident that changes his way of thinking forever. He learns about cryonics (along with the reader), then meets the young woman of his dreams---high-spirited Becky---and this is where the heart of the story begins. In spite of a rocky introduction, they fall in love and plan to marry, but fate intervenes and she's taken away from him forever. Or has she? The combination of cryonics and romance is an irresistible premise. And although you have a hint of what could take place in the future, the journey Pizer takes you on is compelling, romantic, philosophical, religious, and thought-provoking. There is also a dash of humor, which makes for some entertaining reading. Pizer's plot and pacing are balanced, the dialogue and explanations of cryonics are stimulating, and the characters believable. As you read and the story unfolds, you will be touched by the simplicity of everyday events, and by the complexity of life's big questions and concerns. If you had the chance to live again, be with the love of your life again, would you take it? Some science fiction novels end in a negative way or have a negative outlook, but this author makes even death sound hopeful in the future world. If you like a dose of romance in your science fiction, you can't go wrong with An Awesome Journey by David Pizer. 

~~Five-Star Review by Tammy Ruggles for Readers' Favorite 


An Awesome Journey by David Pizer is an ambitious book, and I hope this thought-provoking book sells tremendous numbers of copies. It seeks to incorporate philosophy, religion, and cryonics into a fiction story narrative and at the same time to be a fun and compelling read. In my mind, Pizer has done this. The book genuinely does have some laugh out loud moments. And the story of our protagonist Ralph building his car sales career, and especially the story of his courtship with our sexy love interest Becky, has genuine poignant and memorable scenes that engage you emotionally.


If you care about reality, if you have ever argued or discussed a point of religion with anyone, I think you will find much to love about this book. It has some erotic and sexy parts I enjoyed as well. Pizer is clearly attempting to bring more traditionally thinking religious people to consider cryonics, and this is a vital mission. I am honored to highly recommend An Awesome Journey, and I believe this book will enhance YOUR "Awesome Journey!"

~~Review by Rudi Hoffman, Author of  
"The Affordable Immortal: Maybe You CAN Beat Death and Taxes"    

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